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jc-string-geometry - String Geometry

Subject: String Geometry

Description: This is a weekly Journal Club on String Geometry organized by the String Theory groups at II. Institute for Theoretical Physics, UHH, and the DESY Theory group. The Journal Club covers recent papers on string theory compactifications and their underlying mathematics, string motivated quantum field theories, the string landscape, string phenomenology and string cosmology and the Swampland Programme. Two recent papers per week are presented in more detail and the most interesting pertinent papers that appeared on ArXiv the week before are highlighted.

The JC is held every Wednesday from 17.00 - 18:30 CET.
Participation is possible in presence or via Zoom.
The Zoom link and the Seminar room (default: SR 2, Building 2a) will be announced weekly together with the list of papers that will be discussed. Please subscribe via the above email address.

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